We’re on a mission to evolve creativity for the better.

We believe that a technology platform can be built to help both creators and marketers thrive in the era of scaled digital creative.
We believe that data and creativity belong together.
We believe that better, faster, cheaper is possible but only through the growth of a technology platform that enables a new form of creative process.
We’re building an operating system for creativity. But we want Synther to be more than a company. And we won’t be satisfied unless we live up to that goal.

Measurable creative performance@2x
  • 10+ Employees
  • 52% Female
  • 2 Continents
  • 6+ Languages

Our core values.

At Synther, we’re building more than just a company. Here’s what that means to us.

  • Belief

    We believe in the power of human creativity, people over machines, and ourselves as change-makers.

  • Respect

    We earn our reputation by setting an example daily. We do what we say we will, and more.

  • Vision

    We strain to see the future in order to anticipate how to best build the future we want.

  • Growth

    When we focus on growing ourselves and our community, only then does our business grow as a byproduct.

  • Challenge

    We never shy away from a challenge. We believe that the best kind of problem is one so hard that only we can solve it—always by means of the right path over the easy path.

  • Humility

    We recognize how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to build a great company, and we take that fortune as a responsibility to be a positive force for our entire community.

  • Work

    We embrace success and failure to fuel the hard work of our own jobs and, ultimately, create the best quality jobs in our marketplace.

The Team

People inspire people. Brilliant work stems from the people that create it and our commitment to championing individuality proves just that.

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    Founder & CEO

    Claudio is passionate about web, tech and helping companies create amazing content. 

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    Cofounder & COO

    Alessandro is the COO and cofounder of Synther. His role is to run operations and international expansion. 

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    Cofounder & CTO

    Kanwar is a the chief scientist and cofounder of Synther. He holds a PhD in applied maths from Cambridge.

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    Sales Director

    Riccardo is our sales director, Italy & Europe. He has over a decade of experience in client facing roles and He is our ambassador showcasing our products to clients across different industries and company sizes. 

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    Sales & Marketing Representative

    Passionate about tech industry, Filippo joined Synther with the goal to bring the company to the next level. He is in charge to represent our company in UK &. Europe.

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    Social Media Manager

    With his brilliant mind, Matteo is responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales.

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    Senior Designer

    With 10 years of experiences and her beautiful creative mind, Ecem is in charge to develop bespoke content creation stratetegies for our clients.

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    Junior Designer

    With a Master's Degree from Politecnico Di Milano, Pragya is one of our lead designers. She will help our clients turning their ideas into a virtual living brand. 

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    Junior Designer

    Sakshi successfully managed and coordinated graphic design projects from concept through completion. Her role is to work closely with our sales team in order to create vision and conceive designs aligned to our clients need.